Baby Steps

Hello World

On Feb 28, I migrated my Kali, Mint, and my OWASP BWA OS to VMware as they were gathering dust on VirtualBox. After research and final decision, I have decided that VMware was the most optimized to run my VirtualBox, where VirtualBox just wasn’t able to compare. I am still running a Ubuntu server on VirtualBox that I set up months ago for creating a encrypting private network.


For my Mint, I just used VirtualBox’s feature “Export Appliance” and then opened it and stored it under VMware. Easy peacy, didn’t even know that was a feature. Learned it from HowToGeek blog.


For OWASP BWA, I followed instructions found on GitHub and downloaded BWA from SourceForge. NOTE:

  1. Make sure to install on HOST-ONLY.
  2. Username root with the password owaspbwa.
  3. Make sure to change your hosts file to make it easier to browse.

More info on set up see greenjam’s blog


To install Kali 2020.1, I downloaded the VMware version from Offensive Security website. For hardening I followed Null’s Blog and Alpha Cyber Security’s blog

To summarize some steps I took to harden my Kali:

  1. Configuring bash alias
  2. Configuring Root account back (was removed on 2020.1 version)
  3. Changed name of Kali default user
  4. Created a unprivileged toruser for tor browsing
  5. Changed default SSH keys
  6. Installed Git, Tor, Tilix, Atom, Sublime,
  7. Changed UID and GID of users
  8. Installed kali-linux-all metapackage
  9. Update and upgraded

Next up, I plan on going through Violent Python book by TJ O’Connor and playing around with SDR dongle and getting radio waves following OZHack’s blog.


As I am passionate to learn and understand Web Security more, I was recommended PortSwigger’s course “Introducing the Web Security Academy”.